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Whatever is a chic 6 year old NRPS stallion, his height is 1,70m. With his beautiful buckskin color he is a real eye-catcher! He is an EU-approved stallion/stud. He is really easy and has a good attitude. He is easy to work with and has a lot of body and suppleness. He has a powerful canter and good use of the hindleg. In addition, he has a good posture with a strong back and an appealing front where the neck comes high from the chest.

Whatever jumps with a lot of impulsion and good balance, he shows excellent reflexes and shows a good technique. He is careful on the jump and shows more than sufficient scope and commitment. He has jumped already successfully competitions and has also ride 2 times on the Regional Championships. He’s a horse with a lot of potential for the higher work. In freedom he jumped easily a heigh of 1.50m.

He is also really interesting for breeding! In combination with a chestnut, brown or black mare there is a 50% chance of a special color like buckskin, palomino or smokey black. If the mare also carries a cream gene, the chance of a special color will be increased. 

Whatever comes out of the approved Cremello jumping stallion Whiteyassar (who has passed away) and also comes from a very good dam line, in which sport and predicates are combined. In this line you see the well-known jumping horse stallions Montreal VDL, Nimmerdor, Emilion, Wellington and Alme who all jump 1.60m. His mother competed in show jumping in Belgium, the Netherlands and France under several riders. But did also some dressage competitions in the Netherlands with good results!


Whatever is borned here, we are the breeders! Whatever is a good young stallion, he is easy to ride and has a cooperative character. He has no (stable) vices.

Whatever has clean X-rays from the legs, back and neck. He also has the X-rays predicate at the NRPS and is also WFFS free. He is an EU-approved stud for live!

Asking price € 30.000


Vader Whiteyassar
Vader van vader Riazan
v.v.v. Mirab Mupad
m.v.v. Noisette
Moeder van vader Urana de Tenneville
v.m.v. Monsieur de Mai
m.m.v. Bella-J.F.
Moeder Gin Gini vd Haagakkers
SPR-1.20m, DR-L1
Vader van moeder Montreal VDL
v.v.m. Indoctro
m.v.m. Zancara
Moeder van moeder Pippi
v.m.m. Emillion
m.m.m. Zenny


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