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Incredible pedigree for this charismatic filly Vitalis x Don Schufro x Carabas

Vic de Gaasbeek has for sure more than one trick in her bag : beautifully shaped, strong personality, playful spirit, self reliant … a real eye-catcher with a naturally balanced galop, shoulder freedom in her trot and an excellent walk.  Above all, she has the most cheerful and lovable character, she simply follows you wherever you go leaving mummy completely desperate … 

Grand Prix horses at both Sire and Dam sides.  Granddam Wugranta is an exceptional sport mare also trained at Grand Prix level.  Wugranta has already produced several top quality sport horses with high potential and nice rideability.


Vader Vitalis
Vader van vader
Moeder van vader
Moeder May de Gaasbeek
Vader van moeder Don Schufro
Moeder van moeder Wugranta
v.m.m. Carabas