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Unique opportunity!

Nectar is an amazing, sweet, hard working and intelligent horse that is perfect to start competing right away for ambitious kids or teens that want to rise in level fast and make some serious steps in their riding skills and for example a possible professional future in horse riding.

Nectar is only 10 years old and knows all excersizes up to PSG level so when the match with his rider is there the progession will go very fast. With his previous owner Nectar competed with scores of 76 and 78%! Next to knowing all movements at PSG level Nectar can also do changes every 3 passes and piaffe on the hand with a rider on top of him. The piaffe has not been fully confirmed, neither is the passage. Nectar is very soft in the hands and easy on the leg. He has enough energy for the work and really likes it. He wants to please his rider, you can tell. In the arena he can be a little alert. This doesn't lead to problems, an experienced rider is able to prevent him of being spooked. Nectar has never bucked or reared.

Having lived with his previous owner for 9,5 years, they bought him as a foal and have slowly and very kindly trained him to the horse he is nowadays. Hacking in the field is fun with Nectar, full confidence he crosses bridges and areas he doesn't know. The alertness remains but also here: when you are experienced, nothing happens. He also can jump, his previous owner has done so occasionally.

The reason we are selling Nectar is because we bought him to refresh he high level training for me personally as a rider. We now will look for a bigger horse (I'm an adult) to compete with at higher level in the forseeable future.

Nectar is PRE x Arabian (Hispano Arab) and within the higher price range. Video available upon request.


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